dinsdag 1 oktober 2013

Cover-reveal: Freaks by Lisa M. Forester

Okay, so I promised my Dutch readers a surprise on Oct 1st.
BUT because it's a book which will come out in English (so International) AND because I want Lisa and her fans to read this post too, it's in English ;) (well, I'm trying, lol. Don't judge me, it's also my first cover-reveal EVER!)

It's a happy day in life for author Lisa M. Forester, her first book is coming out on November 28th, but today we are celebrating the cover-reveal of her upcoming debut YA-novel:


When I got the email with the cover in it, I totally thought the cover is perfect for this story.
I haven't read it yet (I will, yes I will, review will come after I read it later this year) and I don't know everything about the story yet, but the cover totally fits for me with the info I already have.


Nobody's perfect... or are they?

Abigail always knew that she was different, but what she didn't know was just how different.

That was until her 16th birthday, when her parent's revealed a devastating secret that confirmed her worst fears and changed her life forever.

Abigail is an Allelobrid: one of five children born as a result of their parents illegal science experiment in genetic engineering. The aim: to create a perfect child.

Yet perfection comes at a price.

Forced into a life on the run, Abigail finds love, danger and an organisation that will stop at nothing to get what they want.

When lives are at risk and freedom is threatened – could being perfect be enough to survive?

So.... I bet you wanna see the cover now, right? ;)

Here it is!!

Pretty, huh?

I'm very excited for Lisa, we chat on Twitter for a while now and I know how excited she is for her first novel.
Show her some love on her website, Goodreads or on Twitter for the cover-reveal today! :)

Twitter: @lisamforester

Happy cover-reveal day to you, Lisa! *throws glitters and cake*

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